Just Do It.

feature photograph by: Camarey Chambliss @_camarey

Hello, and if you are reading this thank you. I have found myself in the conundrum recently of thinking do I give myself and this blog all of me, ripping down the protective shields that have placed me between my readers, or do I hold back and shy away from the real life topics that affect me on a daily basis. I have thoughts, dreams, problems, make mistakes, and get back up and dust my self off like every other human. After watching what felt like hours upon hours of Evan Carmichael YouTube videos and getting my blood rushing from exercise I am writing to express my solidarity in self-doubt.

It is easy for me to sit still and hope that someday my dreams will come true and that everything will fall into place but dreams aren’t that simple to attain. I rattle myself into not event trying in spite of fear, but there is no greater fear I am facing now than saying what do I have to lose. I can’t look back on all the opportunities that have I have given up because I was afraid of falling flat on my face, losing, or not succeeding to my expectations. I am 21 years-old and with so much life left to live and I have so much more growth to experience. There is nothing more that I would wish for you reading this than to take whatever it is that you want out of life and go after it one thousand percent.

Aja Naomi King said it best while giving her speech for ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood, “I don’t know why I am so eager to undermine my own talents, I guess because it feels easier to reduce my abilities than to step into the greatness of my purpose.” (King), you are capable of anything you think of and in the words of Nike “Just Do It.”

Thanks for reading

Yours Truly,

Miles S. Hicks

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