Are Relationships the New Religion?

feature photograph by: Camarey Chambliss @_camarey

Dating as a millennial is hard. We’re competing for the attention of one person who can swipe through 20 profiles on Tinder in a minute and send a message on Twitter or Instagram in less. With the overstimulation of technology and information, the age dating or even having the possibility of find a compatible partner seems to be dead.

Love seems like the fountain of youth these days; no one can seem to find it, and if you do you may have stumbled upon fool’s gold. Only the fool is you since you wasted the one thing you can’t get back: time. I personally have never found love in romance and can only speak from research when I look to my friends for relationship advice.

Being in a relationship, surrounded by friends who are in relationships of their own, is like being in an interfaith place of worship where every relationship worships its own deity. You have examples of following denominations of couples:

  • The Honeymooners who no matter how long they have been together it seems like every week is just like the first and they are forever infatuated with the other’s existence.
  • The ‘we are just best friends’ couple which is just another way of wording friends with benefits but do all the things that a normal couple does but without the title.
  • The unbalanced and controlling couple where it is like watching a sew saw of power go back and forth but they still find love for one another at the end of the day.
  • The partying couple where the only time you will see them together is at a party with drinks in their hand and then carrying each other home afterwards.
  • The host and hostess couple who seem to be the perfect party throwers who will probably be sending you Christmas cards and invites to fancy gatherings.
  • The ‘settled for one another’ couple because it was a convenience to be together rather than be alone and are waiting for spontaneous combustion of passion to make love appear in their relationship.
  • High school sweethearts who planned to never let each other go and always rekindle their love for one another no matter the time or distance apart.

Just like religion, you have a lot of places of worship and every one of them is trying to tell the same story of love in different variations. Living in the age where faith is tested by how many Google searches can validate a source, it is hard to conclude whether or not relationships are the new religion in the millennial age. But discovering love could be the greatest pilgrimage to witness.


Thanks for reading.

Yours Truly,

Miles S. Hicks


One Reply to “Are Relationships the New Religion?”

  1. Good thoughts! In some ways, faith has always been about relationships – “community.” It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to develop in our crazy modern tech and social media age!


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