Mid Year Check In

feature photograph by: Camarey Chambliss @_camarey

June has come and gone, and now as July summer nights stroll in I look back on how much things have changed in the past 6 months. I look back on the goals we also know as New Years Resolution’s and think to myself if I am still on the right track. Like most people say ‘no one keeps their New Year’s Resolution(s) anyway’, but I have really tried this year to make a strong effort to follow through on the promises I have made to myself.


The list above were the goals that I had set for myself on the second day of the new year back when I was on my way home from New York City. Going through and looking back on the list I can say that some of these goals aren’t going to be completed this year or at all, and that is okay. However what I can say is that I have still made good with some of the promises. I have started taping for my vlog and have been fairly consistent with my blogging. I have started looking at graduate programs at HBCU’s. I work out more than I did back in 2016. I have loved myself more and respected my body more as a temple and not a trap house with that I eat and consume. I am far from perfect, but blessed to day that I am far from struggling either. It is not about checking every single box of my list off that matters most to me but the growth and improvement I am making. Never forget to check in with who matters most, yourself.

Thanks for reading.

Yours Truly,

Miles S. Hicks

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