I Am What I Wear: RVA Fashion Week

“I am what I wear.” – Amneris, from Aida Broadway Musical

I look at myself and I look at what time has done to my closet, I’ve changed. In my younger years as a child I reminisce on my mom and dad and their younger fashionable selves. My dad and his extensive Polo Ralph Lauren Collection and my mom with her extensive luxury handbags. I like to think that I get part of my style inspirations from my parents, but I am pretty sure they would beg to differ. I remember when I saw my first episode of Project Runway and wanting to be a fashion designer in the fifth grade. A bunch of kids made fun of me because boys weren’t supposed to like fashion and clothes, but not me. I loved everything about fashion so much that my first job was working at Hollister Co when I was 17 years-old. I remember how excited I was to dress in all of the latest preppy trends that Hollister Co created every season. It was a great start and I will never forget working on the sales floor and stockroom of Hollister Co in my teenage years. I later began to realize though that Hollister Co modeled themselves on looking familiar, classic, and cored to their brand on one style aesthetic that I had began to outgrow. By 19 years-old I stopped wanting to look like everyone else because I soon realized that I am not everyone else, which also meant stop wearing what everyone else was too. I soon made it my mission to look where others wouldn’t dare to for clothing and accessories to wear. I didn’t want to be different I wanted, at the time, to look like the me I had envisioned.

One of my personal style philosophies is as follows, “you wear what you want when you want, no apologies.”, and this is something that I am growing more onto the idea of. Think about this for one second; out of all the outfits that you can remember wearing can you honestly say every outfit was A-1 awesome? If you answered yes than please contact me so we can be friends. I would love to see this perfect magical closet of looks that possesses clothing that never repeats within the same month, makes perfect outfits, and is always styled and accessorized to perfection. Now think again, is this realistic? NO, of course not! Every outfit isn’t going to be one for the story books but what differs a good outfit and an amazing outfit is confidence.

If fashion, and working in retail has done anything for me it has given me confidence to step out of my timid, bashful shell, to try new things in fashion and in life, and dare to push the envelope at times when it is appropriate. It is not just the clothes that I put on my back when I get ready for my day it is my mood, it is my joy, it is my comfort, it is me getting that compliment that will make my day, it is me nailing an interview, it is my expression and so much more.

So here’s to the skinny jeans, horizontal stripes, wide brimmed fedoras, bow ties, reader glasses, thousands of witty graphics tees, high top sneakers, thrifted gems, statement jackets, and everything else that finds a home in my closet. Thank you for being my armor and shield.

Thank you for reading.

Yours Truly,

Miles S. Hicks

2 Replies to “I Am What I Wear: RVA Fashion Week”

  1. Nice style 🙂 I agree, confidence is the key accessory to any outfit, the aspect that truly does make an individual shine. It’s so important to express yourself through your clothing and to be comfortable/happy in what you wear. It is typically the first impression someone makes, and if they are blown away by how well you rock something, they’re probably going to be impressed. Being “familiar” like Hollister is okay of course, but to me, it’s so much more to let who you are be the inspiration for your outfits.

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