Going Beyond At Creative Mornings

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of attending my second Creative Mornings Richmond event. My morning began finding my way to the historic Hofheimer Building. Once I made my way up the steps I was greeted, checked in, and presented a name tag. This name tag had a question under where I wrote my name asking, “what fashion brand speaks to me?”, and the question took me a second to really think about it because I didn’t know whether to choose a brand that I was wearing, or my favorite brand, or even a brand that I can’t afford but in my dreams would wear everyday if I could. I chose a brand that I own a few pieces from called Cheap Monday because their clothing describes me as a person.


I then got to network in the beautiful Hofheimer Building before creating a paper airplane. The Creative Mornings theme for this month was ‘Beyond’, so it seemed pretty fitting to be making a paper airplane, because as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story said ,“To infinity and beyond.”. My creative process was just to make the paper airplane look like something I would make if I were back in middle school. Soon after taking my seat did I know that I would be flying it in front of the entire audience of Creative Mornings Richmond as a little mini competition warm-up for the audience.


Alas mine didn’t win, but it was interesting to see how other people crafted their paper airplanes, and the thought process of how to create the best flying or best looking paper airplane. Following the fun shenanigans of that activity was the introduction of the host of Creative Mornings, Doug Nunn who spoke about the Creative Morning’s monthly spotlights on different industries of Richmond, and how this month was themed behind fashion since next week will be the kickoff for RVA Fashion Week. Following a brief introduction Doug Nunn welcomed to the stage Rupa Singh, local business owner of Love This (@lovethisrva). Love This is a fashion boutique housed inside of a vintage mobile Airstream Trailer that encourages and inspires ethically sourced goods.

Rupa started by saying that, “Beyond means for me looking on the other side”, and this made me think well what is on the other side of everything. In everything there is a story to be told and multiple sides to that story, and for Rupa Singh this meant not only where do you get your clothing and everyday goods but what is the journey it took to make the products that we consume. Rupa followed this statement by later saying, “I will buy products that i love, that fit within my budget, and that do good.”, for me I am a struggling college student and if I could, I would do my best to buy a product that was ethically sourced. Unfortunately thought I don’t always look on the other side to see what is happening and how my purchasing power makes a difference in the lives of others.


Rupa Singh’s final thought that she presented to the audience stated, “If each of us were given a choice to make a positive impact or negative impact with our purchases – we’d always choose the positive impact.”, which I believe is so true in nearly every facet of life. If I could be more impactful in a positive way rather than a negative way I would always do what I believed is ethical and right. It does not take a lot to look further into the brands that we buy on a day to day basis, but because of the capitalistic society that we live in people are more prone to buying what is right in front of them rather than looking beyond what we purchase and what we consume. In closing I would like to leave you with this quote:

“It is not easy, but it is worth it” – Unknown


Thank you for reading,

Miles S. Hicks

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