So Let’s Talk About the Grammy’s

Hello and if you are reading thank you for taking the time to read. As many of you may know by now the 59th Annual Grammy Award’s were aired last night and to no surprise we, as the viewing audience, were given topics to talk about that will last us the entire year. From outlandish red carpet fashion, meme-able moments, and performances, this years awards were something to behold.

One of the greatest moments that I think we all can learn from is when Adele stood up for her friend and colleague, Beyoncé. Love it or not, Adele won Record of the Year and Album of the Year as well as three other acclaimed awards. This was one a nail biting moment for music fans because Record of the Year and Album of the Year also were categories that Beyoncé and her highly raved about LEMONADE album were nominated for as well. The most heartwarming moment came when Adele accepting her rightfully earned Album of the Year Award during her acceptance speech took the time and consideration to recognize her icon Beyoncé in a profound moment that was shared between the two female artists.


There is something so uplifting in this moment that gives my heart such hope because this is something that we are not often afforded the opportunity to hear from the outside looking in. Millions listen to both of these women’s phenomenal albums and songs, but for Adele to recognize Beyoncé is something we never truly see in the capacity that Adele did tonight. The point being Adele showed us how and what an ally truly is.

Adele took the four of the five key steps on how to be an ally:

  1. Acknowledged your privilege – By saying that it was an honor being recognized for the award and to have the opportunity as an artist to travel the globe and share her passion and love through music to millions of fans and having that be her nine to five occupation.
  2. Listen and do your homework – By listening to other artists work and knowing the other artist in her category.
  3. Speak Up But NOT Over – By speaking up in the moment that Adele had to thank herself and the team around her she stood up for what she believed in and thanked Beyoncé who in her eyes Adele thought was the deserving of the award
  4. When you make a mistake apologize.
  5. Ally is A Verb– I think these pictures below say it all.

    For Adele to step away from talking about herself and say that she appreciates the recognition, but sees that there is another candidate that has been overlooked was truly breathtaking and I do not think that television truly could have captured a better moment. It is one thing to acknowledge the other nominees in your category it is another to go above and beyond and thank The Academy for the award, but say that I cannot accept this because there was someone more deserving, is a moment that I will never forget. I would like to leave you with words from Queen Bey herself and to remember that even in defeat can we find hope and still have our greatest victories;

    “The reality is: sometimes you lose. And you’re never too good to lose. You’re never too big to lose. You’re never too smart to lose. It happens.” – Beyoncé 

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